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In my experience, organizations occasionally need a fresh perspective; an outside facilitator to engage in conversations about management, leadership, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, or education.  These are the topic areas from my professional background that I am sometimes called upon to speak about in meetings, seminars, workshops, and executive education sessions. 

I have an academic background in management, entrepreneurship, and education, and I currently have a faculty appointment in the Management Department at Saint Louis University.  In addition, I am Assistant Dean of the Chaifetz School of Business.  Many of the concepts from my background as a manager in higher education are useful when sharing ideas with professionals from the for-profit and the not-for-profit worlds.  In addition, my background as an Assistant Professor helps me to develop and deliver thought-provoking and interactive educational sessions that help attendees think critically and consider new points of view.



St. Louis Regional Mission Network - Catalyst Group re: Disruptive Innovation Next Steps

St. Louis Regional Mission Network.  Topic: Disruptive Innovation

St. Louis, Missouri

SLU Law School.  Topic: The Business Model Canvas.  St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis YMCA.  Topic: The Culture of Time Management.  St. Louis, Missouri

Longrich Corporation of China.  Topic:  Customer Service Through the Lens of Innovation, Organizational Culture and Leadership.  Denver, Colorado

Habitat for Neighborhood Business.  Topic: The Lean Startup.  St. Louis, Missouri.

Longrich Corporation of China.  Topic:  Customer Service Through the Lens of Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  Suzhou, China

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